Boost your online orders

thanks to delivery location and Orange Money mobile payment.


How does it work?

I easily manage my orders

I manage all of my orders and share them online.

No need for a piece of paper for that!

I secure my payments

I am sure that I will get my money back without delay thanks to the payment via  Orange Money  from the application.

I facilitate delivery

Create, share and complete the place of delivery.

The delivery man finds the customer without calling him several times.



Grow your sales

Mahali addresses allow your customers to receive packages without failure. These 100% successful deliveries naturally boost your sales and business. Your customers are reassured and you gain brand image and confidence.


Facilitate the delivery journey

The Mahali place, easy to share, allows the delivery man to easily find the customer’s delivery point, even if the latter does not have a physical address. Delivery becomes child’s play.


Your secure payment by Orange Money

You can benefit from mobile payment via Orange Money from the Mahali application. Your transaction is secure from start to finish, you are sure to get back what you owe.


Improve customer satisfaction

Deliver your goods or products more quickly, without asking your customer during the order: satisfaction rate guaranteed.


Retain your customers and take care of your brand image

A satisfied customer is a more loyal customer to your store and they will tell their loved ones about it.

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They are talking about us

  • josiane

    « I had the chance to be part of the people responsible for testing the Mahali application. It was a beautiful experience for me.  I discovered through the application another way to schedule meetings, to locate without thinking too much. I also experienced the delivery of an online purchase with Mahali and I didn’t have to make any effort to be located by the delivery man ; I easily received my product.

    The team took into account our recommendations; Mahali is a superb and very interesting application. I highly recommend it! »

    Josiane, e-commerce customer

  • andrea

    « Like any human work, perfection is not absolute. But thanks to the done work, I could say that the Mahali application is just welcome and especially tailored to customer needs. The application is practical and above all, easy to use. I think it will delight more than one of the users. Thank you to the Mahali team and the Orange family. It was a pleasure to have tested the application and I am satisfied with it »

    Andrea, e-commerce customer

  • aude

    « My experience with Mahali is really positive. What I retain from this application is: simple, accessible and useful.. To make easier to me the creation of location and the communication of it to my correspondent is really great. Nothing to say, I love it and I recommend it at 100% »

    Aude, e-commerce customer

How do the Mahali service work?

Find any place

The customer selects or creates any delivery location in

See the details of each place

The customer shares the Mahali code to the e-merchant on mobile.

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View your appointments

The delivery man consults the place of delivery on to maximize his tour and to finalize the appointment of delivery.

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